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62 Kilometers above Comet Churyumov Gerasimenko via NASA http://ift.tt/1BF2N3w

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Prince Jefri Bolkiah is the younger brother of the Sultan of Brunei, and he is believed to have blown $14.8 billion on a series of follies including grotesque mansions; enormous collections of sportscars; haremsful of exotic prostitutes kept on standby at home and abroad; fleets of jets;…


Aye-aye is one of the strangest looking primates. They can only be found in the north-eastern parts of Madagascar. They are nocturnal and usually at the altitude above 700 meters of rain forest trees.

It has specifically designed middle finger which is used for extraction of food from trunks, braches and hard shells. Aye-aye taps a branch with its finger and listens if there is any sound of moving insects or larvae inside. If the movement is detected, aye-aye will make a hole with sharp teeth and use its middle digit to scoop the prey.

The ancient legends of Malagasy considered it the symbol of death due to its scary looks and eerie call. They believe that if the long pointed finger is pointed to any person, death befalls him/her. This leads people to kill aye-ayes on sight. Aye-aye is listed as nearly threatened species with 1000 left on the wild  and it is currently under protection.

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Arizona is fuckin weird

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MSc Work and Organizational Psychology, University of Nottingham

"Millennials at Work: Media, Myth and Global Generations"



Dril’s first vine


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Courage the Cowardly Dog: Last of the Starmakers

This episode made me cry unmanly tears

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people not in CA: ‘september is the start of autumn! it’s so nice, it’s chilly and i can wear sweaters/drink hot beverages while watching the leaves turn red/orange/whatever!’


Fucking ridiculous. 80s in Seattle, and that is too hot for me.

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600 Million Years and Counting…

I was pretty bored so I decided to make some GIFs of the last 600 million years of our planet’s plate tectonics.

The first GIF is a global mollewide projection. The second one is of the Colorado Plateau and the North American Southwest. The next GIF is of the entire formation of the North American Continent. The fourth GIF is of geologic and tectonic evolution of Europe. And finally the last one is the same as the first except in rectangular format.

I obtained the images from Global Paleogeography and them compiled them one by one into Photoshop with the end result being the above GIFs.

Geology rocks

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